Keeping Your Dark Brows - Dark Brunette Hair Trends for 2017

I enjoy, like most girls, stalking the internet for the upcoming
hair and beauty trends and imagining them on myself. 

hmmm I wonder if this could work… or maybe this….

but then I’m like….oh what is the maintenance on that. Being a naturally dark brunette with dark eyebrows, this is always a key factor in decision making…. Do I have time for the upkeep of a lighter style? 

I always have to be careful when choosing new
trends to actually try so I don’t clash with the brows.  If not, I have to bite the bullet and just
bleach them, but goodness with these babies that takes more maintenance than I want
to deal with sometimes. I’ve had the all over beached hair and lightened eyebrows. I loved
it. I felt confident and gorgeous, and I loved the change, but maintenance was
a nightmare.

Being a mom of 2 now, I need something a little easier to
maintain, and I have to say so far the trends for dark hair in 2017 have
not disappointed. I can’t wait to try some of them. They still have some spunk
but definitely help in keeping my growing hair low-maintenance.

Here are a few of my favorite examples:

 Mahogany Hair Color  

This edgy look
isn’t exactly the most low-maintenance because the color on this is not woven
through; this could look like a style with grown out roots. If you are a hot brunette,
ask your colorist to lift your mid-length and ends to two or three shades lighter
than your natural hair color and place chestnut brown highlights here and there.

Brown Hair Color

Here is
another cool style for all brunettes out there. The ash brown background is
universally flattering, but in order to add some extra warmth to your
complexion swap the sandy highlights for caramel. Highlights are incredible
option when you want to spice up your look and create a unique hair color,
because highlights look different on everyone.

Hair Color

Black is the most natural
hair color that can be pulled off by everyone. If you are on the fair side, ask
you colorist to start a couple shades lighter than the color you want and
gradually go darker. Put another shade on to make your dark hair color even
more interesting.

or…… I can just go all the way into high maintenance territory and get one of this fun and colors.

Rose Gold… gorgeous.. I mean, Spring is just around the corner right?  What better a time to have pink hair…..again.   

To check out these and other hair trends: visit

The Photographer’s “Why?” - Changing Lives {A Testimonial}

On January 19th, I posted about the importance of having a visual timeline within our lives. A tangible, review-able, memento of the milestones we reach as individuals. Something to treasure not only for ourselves, but for those to cherish when we are gone. 

This…. This is why we do what we do. Or at least why I do what I do. 

I want to capture memories. I want to build women up. I want to create a memory that transcends the the physical print and reminds us of what is important. 

I am a wife, mother, artist, and dreamer. I set goals and work toward them.  I may not see obvious signs that my dreams and goals are being accomplished, but when I do…. it reaffirms my desire to be an artist. 

“With all of that being said, I am so glad that you do what you do and that you are a very good friend of mine. You have truly helped me in a way I did not even know I needed; which was when I was at my lowest and you wanted to photograph me. To this day, it was one of the greatest days and helped me to be who I once was once more when I truly needed it.  I will always love you and be ever so grateful for you for all of that.” - R. Law 

©Shawna Beck Photography

©Shawna Beck Photography

©Shawna Beck Photography

Visualize Success - 2017 Manifestation Goals | Vision Board

Its that time of year again!

Its time to get your mind right and set your personal, spiritual, and business goals for 2017.

I had the pleasure to attend a Virtual Vision Board Party last year with two hugely successful bad ass boss ladies, Amanda Frances and Andrea Crowder, and this year they brought it back again. Thousands took advantage of this opportunity to learn from these two, and if you would like to get some incites as well check out their webpages for some incredible content.  ( |

During this virtual training party they riffed on:

• How to use a vision board to bring your desires to life

• How to tap into your truest desires and set your goals based on what you really want.

• What to do when it looks like manifesting isn’t working

• How to allow earning money to be part of your spiritual practice

• How to live in the energy of abundance so that earning comes easy

• The daily practices we each take to keep the flow happening in each of our lives and multiple six figure businesses 

• Bonus: Digital Vision Board Training

• Bonus: Calling in the Cash Money Meditation

• Bonus: Manifest your desires FUNsheets

• Bonus: Vision Board Party Planning Group!

All Great Information, Right?!

GOODNESS YES! Check it out yourself. Get on Amanda’s Email list and have it sent right to your email to see 2016 and 2017’s Training replay. These two keep it high vibe that’s for sure!

Now before the party, I generated a quick visual for my desires for the year. It is much more paired down than the previous years board, but it nonetheless speaks volumes to my goals.  It might not have words, or as many photographs, but it still provokes thoughts to my desires that seek action. What do you want? How are you going to get it? Dream Big! Then when those dreams come to fruition DREAM BIGGER



Save for 10 year Anniversary Trip

Save for Dream Family Vacation 

Seek Further Education 

Attend Dream Workshop

Seek Growth in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Grow Social Media Following 

Seek Methods to my work into the World - In person and Online

Lets do this 2017!  Now, what are your goals?

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