Diffusion for Canon Speedlites (Part 1)

I am by nature a very controlling person when it comes to lighting within my portraiture. I will bounce, diffuse, and manipulate the light whether I am on location or in studio. Easy when you have static models and time to create, Right? Well, I don’t always have that luxury when photographing weddings, due to the face pace and continual movement throughout the day. ________________________________________________________________________________________
As a result, I recently decided to purchase a Universal Softbox 15cm x 17cm for my Canon Speedlite420EX. I wanted a lighting diffuser I could use in these fast paced, low lighting situations and that was easy to transport on my own without the need of a large diffused monolight/Flash with an assistant, and all while maintaining the ability to capture a beautiful soft light on my subjects. Soft Light = Beautiful Light

This was out of my comfort zone a bit, but you can never grow within any medium without experimentation into areas you’ve never tried before. Breathe in, Breathe Out! And I immediately wanted to experiment with the softbox as soon as I received it in the mail today. You can see the results I was able to get from it below. \(Both Dark and Light Backgrounds\) I will be experimenting later on with movement and low lighting but for now this gives me an idea of what I prefer aesthetically with the options I have with my speedlite and the softbox.

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Imitation ReCreation

When I first began to seriously explore photography, beyond the friendly snapshot of my friends or random landscape, I was capturing photographs of anything and everything. And when I say anything and everything… I really mean… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. There was potential in everything and my inspirational juices were overflowing. After a while, I did realize that despite being abundantly inspired and wanting to capture everything on film in hopes of creating magic, I did not have a focus that drove me. Like the saying goes, too much of a good thing may not be that good at all. I had no focus to my work. There was no theme, no direction, just an abundance of photographs that were begging me to find my style within the medium to produce work that spoke to who I was not what I could randomly capture. This was when I started researching different genres of photography and came across an extensive list of the most influential photographers. I was more than ready to explore what others had done before me and was blown away by their techniques and capability to capture so much strength and feeling within a single image. One photography who stood out to me beyond the rest was the iconic Richard Avedon. His work instantly resonated with me and drove my desire to create portrait style, fashion photography. How could it not? Simply Breathtaking!

Although seemingly unrelated in genre, it was within a Fine Art Portraiture course I took within my Degree Program,which provided me with an opportunity I had wished I would have explored sooner. The course provided me the opportunity to explore Avedon’s iconic style and recreate some of his Images myself in order to better understand the components of successful and memorable photographs. Here is what I was able to create back then!

In looking back at these, I would love to explore these further and see what I can create today. Future Shoot anyone? ______________________________________________________________________________________

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Love, Inspiration, Free Textures Oh My!

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” info@shawnabeck.com
Ella Fitzgerald
I believe whole-heartedly that the beauty and truth within this quote surpasses any and all genres of work. It provides extensive proof that with persistence,love, self-education, and inspiration, no matter where it comes from, no matter what it pertains to, you cannot go wrong. You will grow and excel within this, and the rewards will be great whether it is internal or external.

I have to admit there were times that I took my art for granted and I did not create as often as I should have. I always had an excuse… I was too busy, too tired, too lazy… always something. It was always something… I read somewhere though that an artist who stops making art is committing emotional suicide. I wouldn’t have seen the relevance of this sentence if it had not been so long since I had created something for myself. It is so unbelievably true! It is like losing a part of yourself. When you choose to put creating from place of love and inspiration on the back burner to create for money, not create at all, or whatever your reason may be, you will see a shift in your understanding of yourself. You will feel that loss. So I have made the conscious effort to set aside time to follow those things that inspire me and create from them.You can find inspiration anywhere, you just have to look and be open to what you are seeing. I have always been a huge admirer of anything fine art, and although I tend to photograph in a very contemporary, fashion inspired manner, I was missing a fine art twist to it all. Recently though, I saw a blog post from one of my favorite fine art photographers, Brooke Shaden, that said to me…. Need some inspiration. DAH DAH DAAAAHH Have no fear. Take these 100+ free texture overlays and create. “Share love and kindness.”- Brooke Shaden
- You can get these free textures yourself by downloading them on Brooke Shaden’s Blog - http://www.promotingpassion.com/free-textures/
Wow! I was blown away by her thoughtfulness to share the overlays she has tirelessly gathered with everyone, and was inspired to play. Check out this new edit on one of my previous beauty session. I am captivated by the aged, china doll feel. What are your thoughts? – Brooke Shaden’s _Textures of White Hill Mansion \#10_ set to 73% opacity over image with Blending Mode set to Linear Dodge. Layer mask used to erase details of the texture sporadically to maintain quality and focus on the subject –
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