My Portrait Positive Life

I am me! I am my own Portrait Positive. _I know, I know… very PUNny,Right?_ I am a mother, a wife, a wild child, a dreamer, and a creative. I have been photographing ladies and making them look and feel beautiful for nearly a decade. My style is contemporary fashion and fine art inspired portraiture that incorporates an experience of genuine pampering. I offer you a glimpse at portraiture through the eyes of the models within the pages of the magazines and provide the means to undergo the experience for yourselves. These portraits are a perfect way to celebrate everything about you. They are a pamper session, a girls day out, a commemoration, and a celebration for women of all ages and the people who love them. My ultimate desire is to create images that allow my clients to see and feel the beauty I see within them through my camera lens on a beautiful contemporary fashion or fine art inspired print. Beauty is not merely external, it’s something that shines out from within you, and it is my aspiration to create images that allow you to see and feel the beauty I see within you in Print. I invite you to arrange a personal session with me and allow me to transformation the way you see yourself.” A wise woman once said –
_”YOU are SOMEONE that is LOVED and I want to Capture that for ALL TIME.” - S.B._

Regardless if you are a full time student, stay at home mom, corporate employee,small business owner, newly retired or any combination thereof or something else entirely, we all get caught up in life and get a little lazy with our goals. I know that I have. Year after year I set goals only to push some of them off with the excuse “I’ll focus on this later” or “I’ll start Next year”. Well…almost 5 years later, it is a little hard to keep using the same excuses for the same goals. It is a new year and I told myself it was time to buckle down. So, on December 31st, I wrote down 10 \(ten\)different goals I wanted to reach not only for myself but for my business this year. I made sure to be realistic but continued to dream big with where it would take me, because mindset can really take you far. I’ve seen it facilitate too much greatness within the lives of people around me for me to not believe it. And well… here I am. It is long past time for me to start a blog. As a business woman, I understand blogs are just as relevant as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., but I have not made it a priority as I have with other social media platforms. That is going to change. My goal with this blog is to share weekly, every Wednesday \(if I can swing it\), about my business. Whether it is to teach my readers how I perform certain skills, share about the impact my clients have on me, my thoughts about photography and life, or others topics that may inspire me to share. So be sure to take a few minutes of time each week and follow me on my Blogging Journey to see what has inspired me that week. And if there are topics you are interested in or wanting to learn more about, I always enjoy feedback and concepts to explore further.
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