The Most Important Piece To Have In Your Studio Wardrobe…

As a photographer, it is our job to direct clients
throughout the entire portrait process, and one of the most important steps is
having a detailed wardrobe consultation.  This consultation not only helps the client
confidently pull wardrobe to use for their session, but easily presents your
expectations for wardrobe to maintain balance and variety within their portfolio. 

Although not a requirement and typically something more established
photographers accumulate, a studio wardrobe can be something beneficial to have
available for clients to use within their sessions. These are pieces that are
flattering on a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used over and over
again. One of the most overlooked pieces but most important pieces to have in
your studio collection, should you choose to build one, is the Sash.

The sash are large strips of satin fabric in 7”, 10” and 12”
widths, that can be used to build and drape an entire wardrobe should the need arise.
To make these strips it does not cost much either. You can have a collection of
three black satin sashes for around $15.

Satin Fabric will run you about $4.99/yd at your local
craft supply store, and with only three yards, you will be able to sew all
three width strips (7”, 10” and 12”)

Here is what you will need:

3 yards Satin Fabric any color

Sewing Machine (if available)

Thread to match fabric

Needle (if sewing machine not available)

Fabric Scissors

Sewing Pins


Fabric pencil (not necessary)

How to make the Sash:

Along the width of the fabric measure and cut a 14” strip (7”
doubled) all the way down the length of the fabric. (This should create a long
strip 14” wide by 3 yards long) - I used sewing pins to create a line down the length of the fabric to know where to cut rather than using a fabric pencil. It is rudimentary but gets the job done.

Do this again at 20” (10” doubled) and at 24” (12” doubled).

You should now have 3 long strips of fabric measuring widths
of 14”, 20”, and 24”

Fold these strips in half so that the outside of the fabric
is on the inside and sew along the long edge where the two halves meet leaving
the ends open. This will give you 7”, 10”, and 12” tubes of fabric. Once the
long edge has been sewn reverse the fabric like you would a pillow case showing
the outer fabric again and hiding the seamed edge. Finally iron the sashes to
create sharp edges and remove any wrinkles and you are ready to drape.

See Photographs as reference. I purchased 3 yards of both black and white fabric and made 6 sashes total, but you do not have to do two colors. If you are just starting out and only want to do one start with black  as it will be the most versatile overall. 

You may also be interested in seeing how these sashes can be used within your sessions. Check out these recent images from client shoots that show the use of sashes in work. The options for these versatile pieces are limitless. Drape, pin, and have fun. You really will not regret adding these pieces to your studio collection.  

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