To The Studio Wardrobe Collection - The Newest Additions

Having a studio wardrobe is an optional addition to any photographer’s arsenal, but it can be a great feature that sets you apart from other creatives in your area. I am truly blessed to be able to have a reasonably sized collection that I am adding to and refining regularly.  It allows me to provide my clients with whimsical pieces to add to their own personal wardrobe during their sessions or has the ability to be used in its entirety to create a desired look. In the end, it is about making the client happy and designing the shoot of their dreams, whether that includes 100% of their own personal wardrobe or 100% studio sample pieces.. 

Sequence bustiers, satin, Faux fur jackets, hats, dresses and tulle… ohhh the glorious tulle… 

and now adding effortlessly glamorous sheer Lace Dresses. A beautifully solid black  was the first color to arrive at the studio, but I am expecting an ethereal white and deep red to arrive by March 1. I can not wait to see how each of these beauties photograph. The black lace did not disappoint. 

Check it out in action during a recent session shot entirely with studio wardrobe pieces.  Lace and tulle and hand-painted canvas backdrops ohhh myyyy. 

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