After extensive reflection and documentation, I am beyond thrilled to finally say that my “Designing and Photographing Fine Art Portraiture Workshop” is Complete!!

I cannot wait to share my fine art process with aspiring and established photographers alike. I am a huge advocate of further education within the area of your calling and if I can in any way inspire or educate in photography, I will provide it in a heartbeat. This is my calling!

I will be Sharing 4 Modules of material, taking you though designing, photographing, and post processing a fine art portrait shoot, as well as including three BONUSES!

And in no way can I teach this content without taking you through a fine art session yourself! I will be guiding you through a fully designed fine art portrait session with a model, providing each participant time to shoot after my instruction, and then sitting down as a group and revealing my personal post processing steps. So, I will show you my process of taking image from camera to final product. Everything from START TO FINISH!


I have separated this workshop into 4 separate modules and will be including some BONUS materials at the end as well. 

The course Layout will be as Follows:

•  Module 1: Photography Basics Refresher

•  Module 2: Fine Art Portrait Design

•  Module 3: ‘No Excuses’ Fine Art Portrait Session with Shawna Beck

  Module 4: Post Production

•  Bonus 1: My Studio & Equipment Essentials list

  Bonus 2: Step by Step Post Processing Reference

•  Bonus 3: Exposure Quick Reference Guide


Module 1:  In this module, I will be providing a Photography Basics Refresher and DSLR education Segment. I will go into detail about the Exposure Triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture), Shooting Modes, Metering, Focusing, File Types/Sizes, and White Balance. Each of these elements will allow new photographers especially to gain a better understanding of their equipment in order to tap into their cameras true potential and take their art to another level.

Module 2: In this module, I will be going over the steps to designing a Fine Art Portrait Shoot. I will walk you though designing your theme, overcoming creative blocks, creating a vision board, building a creative team, team and model casting, and important things to consider within a portrait shoot.

Module 3 - PART 1. The videos for this module are separated by parts for ease of viewing. In part 1 of this module, I will review the session timeline for creating a Fine Art Portrait session, present the initial Natural Light Studio Environment, discuss effectively communicating with your creative team, and directing your models. Module 3 is interconnected within each of the lessons presented, so I will discuss aspects briefly prior to showing them in practice during the shoot. Once the session is completed, I will discuss the different aspects of the shoot further in a follow up video, these aspects will include studio/environment layout, directing your model, and more.  

Module 3 - PART 2. In this part of the module, I will be showing the behind the scenes setup, directing, and workflow for a Natural Light Studio Session.

Module 3 - PART 3. In this part of the module, I will be presenting the behind the scenes studio light setup that is meant to mimic the natural light setup of PART 2.

Module 4: In this module, I will be sharing my post production techniques from culling Images in Adobe Bridge, my 'every image" edits made in Adobe Lightroom, my basic Adobe Photoshop Processes, and My Image Finalization workflow. This is an all encompassing Module where each lesson corresponds directly to the next. If necessary, follow along with my Step By Step Post Processing Reference provided as a Bonus to the Module PDF or for a more detailed explanation follow along with the Lessons laid out within the module printout itself.

Natural Light Setup

Studio Light Setup to Mimic Natural Light

Using Format